Maaten – Hand-printed children's clothing in maritime style

Maaten is a young children's label founded by Sarah Schwarz from Gelsenkirchen. Sarah was inspired by her young son and the resulting frustration at buying beautiful clothes for babies. Baby blue and excavator just don't fit.
Sarah Schwarz has always been indentated with maritimes. So it was obvious to remain maritime in the design and naming. "Maaten" is an old word for sailors. The motifs are all designed by themselves and of course reflect the maritime nature. The pattern runs through the colouring up to the text design. Here is a
brief insight into the designs (click on the respective picture leads immediately to the online shop of Maaten:

Partner look for the whole family:

Maaten T-Shirt Anchor Men's
Maaten T-Shirt Anchor Women
Maaten T-Shirt Anchor Kids 2-3 Years

Beanie Hats:  

Maaten Beanie Hat Anchor Grey
Maaten Beanie Hat Anchor Blue
Maaten Beanie Hat Anchor Grey White

Body Heulboje
Romper Berth Hero
Longsleeve Sailing Ship

This is just a small excerpt from the online shop of Maaten.
Of course I have permission to use the pictures here. The website was created by me and is mainly maintained by Sarah Schwarz. Of course, I am open about hints, suggestions for improvement and praise. Please write me an e-mail directly. Click here.