Installing Seafile on the Raspberry can be quite exhausting. Especially if you are interested in the topic, but never or hardly came into contact with Linux. I once took the trouble to write an image. I created the image on my Raspberry Pi 3 Model B* and make it available for download from my private cloud.

Please note that the download link may not be available at times, as I always tinker with my configuration 🙂

Raspberry Seafile Server Image

NatĂĽrlich stelle ich den Download kostenlos zur VerfĂĽgung. Der Download erfolgt von meinem Raspberry*.
Wer möchte darf gerne den verbrauchten Kaffeevorrat, welcher für das Projekt drauf ging, auffüllen:

Personal Info

Donation Total: €2,00

You can download the image here:
StephansNet Seafile Image (approx. 966 MB)
Password: sWhPMoU6

Please note: The image was created on a SanDisk 16GB SD card* and then copied and compressed. So you need at least the same storage capacity.

Request access data

What do you have to do: After the image is downloaded, simply write a memory card* to the laptop/computer and use Balena Etcher to write the image (no need to unpack the archive beforehand). Then put the card in the Raspberry, power and network cable on and the private local cloud is ready to use.


Click here for instructions on how to save the data to an external hard drive.

Here’s a guide to getting Seafile encrypted on the go.

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